Friday, June 17, 2016

Strawberry Festival 2016 #lifestyle

Strawberry Fest 2016 with Joe!

I love a nice ripe juicy red strawberry. They make the best smoothies and margaritas. And shortcake. And nachos. And chocolate dipped sinful delights. There's nothing you can't do with a strawberry. That's one of the reasons I enjoy visiting the strawberry festival every year.

Every year in May, this fun little fest is held in Oxnard, Ventura County, near the California coast. It's a little over an hour drive from my house. May is a great time to explore the strawberry fields. The weather is warm, but not too warm and I've never been rained on.

When we get there, I always get the boys smoothies right away Of course everything is a tad pricey, but I'm happy to support the various charities that benefit from the festival. They include local schools, churches, and booster clubs.

After the smoothies, I get a strawberry margarita for me. Then we eat! There's no shortage of food booths. Our favorites include calamari, garlic fries, chicken tenders, gyros and strawberry nachos!

After we're stuffed like a fluffy shortcake, we visit the kiddie land. The boys like to climb on the inflatables. I usually visit strawberry shortcake. One year the "Eat Mor Chiken" Cow was there from Chik-fil-et. I thought that was funny.

From 2012

They have live music on 2 different stages. There's car exhibits and an arts and crafts section that's expanded from a small grassy area (when I started attending about 8 years ago) to the length of a city street. This year, I discovered "military salsa," a perfect blend of spice and sweetness made with honey. There are tye-dye shirts, purses, and wooden, decorative signs. Honestly, there's a little something for everyone. One year, I got my stretchy "Paris" shirt which I adore, at the arts and crafts section.

On the way out, I get a festival poster. We enjoy chocolate dipped sin and usually get a tray of red, delicious, juicy, strawberries to eat at the house.

What's the appeal for me? While it can get crowded, it's a fun day away from the house in celebration of the strawberry. Adults are 12.00. Kids are 5.00. Parking on site is 10.00. The food is fantastic. Plus, I enjoy spending the time with my boys. I hang the festival posters all over the house. It truly is a good time. You can bet I'll be attending next year, too.

Enjoy a berry on me!


  1. I love the pictures. Looks like you all are having a fine time!

  2. I have only been to one Strawberry Festival and Strawberries are my fav fruits. Glad you had a good time.

  3. That looks fabulous. We have a balloonfest here... but it is the ride in the kind of balloons.

  4. It looks Berrylicious! We read a lot of Strawberry Shortcake books in our house and it's also my favorite dessert! Yum!