Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wednesday is for Children: The Giving Meadow, 4.99 ebook for children #4RVpublishing

AVAIL AS a 4.99 Ebook and in Paperback! 

Stephanie Burkhart's first children's book tumbles through a giving meadow, teaching children the value of sharing and caring.

(Los Angeles, Calif.) — A spring meadow sets the stage for a hungry caterpillar to make friends and learn the power of sharing in author's Stephanie Burkhart's book, "The Giving Meadow.

A caterpillar hatches from an egg and travels through a meadow making friends with a frog, bee, ladybug, and snake. His friends learn about sharing and caring when caterpillar grows a cocoon. Caterpillar's change into a butterfly helps young children understand the mysteries of Easter.

"The Giving Meadow" was inspired by the author's involvement in her church's Sunday preschool program. It was originally written as the children's Easter play. This gives the story a personal touch, allowing the author's enthusiasm to shine through. "The Giving Meadow" is a sweet story that children will want to hear over and over again.

About The Author
Stephanie Burkhart resides in Castaic, CA. She served in the military for 11 years and is now a 911 Dispatcher for the Los Angeles Police Department. She's an 8th place winner in the 77th Annual Writer's Digest Competition in the Mainstream/Literary category. 


5 Stars, Midwest Book Review: "Colorful illustrations add just the right touch to this gentle heartwarming story about the transformative power of sharing."

5 Stars, N.A. Sharpe, Amazon Reviewer: "This heartwarming tale teaches life lessons of friendship, selflessness and sharing, caring, and kindness. Ms. Burkhart's charming tale is one little ones will want to hear over and over again and they will be enchanted by the adorable illustrations from the talented illustrator, Stephen Macquignon."

5 Stars, Connie Arnold, Amazon Reviewer:  "This is a good book for helping young children learn about how caterpillars change as well as a gentle lesson about sharing and caring."





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