Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Carry a Red Cross #nationalredcrossmonth

Since FDR, March has been designated as National Red Cross Month. 
“I request that during that month (March), our people rededicate themselves to the splendid aims and activities of the Red Cross.” – Present Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1943
The month is aimed to honor and celebrate the everyday heroes who help make the Red Cross run on a daily basis.
The Red Cross is more than just blood donations. The organization provides assistance for disaster victims, helps service members and provides emergency notifications for the military. They also offer lifesaving classes including CPR and first aid. They will also work with you on a preparedness plan.
Some ways to help: be a volunteer. Give blood. Offer a financial donation.
The Red Cross was born out of the ashes of the Civil War. Clara Barton serviced wounded Union soldiers. Then in 1869, she traveled to Geneva, Switzerland. There, she learned about the International Red Cross and participated in the Franco-Prussian war. 
When Barton returned to America, she put her energy into establishing the American Red Cross. The organization opened in May 1881.
Currently, there are over 650 chapters in the USA. They respond to apartment fires, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and tornadoes. They are an emergency support agency and don’t engage as first responders.
They offer classes for CPR, automated external defibrillator (AED), lifeguarding, babysitting, home safety, and pet first aid. They also sell first aid kits.
I’ve previously used SOS survival for acquiring emergency preparedness kits or you can make your own.
The symbol of the Red Cross organization is the Red Cross. While it has had it’s share of controversies, the organization does a lot of good due to its everyday heroes who volunteer their time and hard work. I wholeheartedly support the Red Cross. They were there for me while I was serving in the military. (The Red Cross makes emergency notifications for members of the Armed Services as well as providing support facilities.) 
Currently, I had my son take their online babysitting class which was very informative for him. I believe in blood donation. I have my first pint in high school when I was 17, but unfortunately, I was station in Europe in 1996 when the UK had an outbreak of mad cow disease and I can’t give blood anymore. I do send in donations and if there is a class I need to take, I look to them first. It’s a great organization and I’m proud to support them.
My Webelos Scouts talking to a 1st Responder

Question: Have you had any involvement with the Red Cross or their services? I’d to hear about your experience. 
The Red Cross is found in over 187 countries!
10 million people learn emergency skills/CPR every year through the Red Cross.
It’s a charitable organization, not a government agency.


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  1. I believe I'm right that The Red Cross has the best reputation of all emergency groups. I know more than one personal story about how the Red Cross helped in time of need. It definitely is a worthy cause. Thanks, Steph. Wonderful blog.

  2. My husband always donates the double red because he is O+. He's in high need. :)

  3. Steph, I have an online friend who has volunteered with the Red Cross for many many years. She and her husband go to emergency sites, and I think she lives in TN, and locally, they go to where there have been fires to help fire victims. She carries stuffed animals and BOOKS in her trunk for kids. I've sent her several of our kids' books from Tornado Alley Publications and Painted Pony Books to distribute to all different ages. She also does a TON of work with veterans' causes. She's definitely one of the "doers" and really involved in being of service.