Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Book Review Tuesday: Miracles from Heaven By Christy Beam #miraclesfromheaven

Book Review for: Miracles from Heaven
Written by: Christy Wilson Beam
Hachette Books
ISBN: 978-0316-38183-3
I read: paperback

3.5 Stars
An inspirational story!

Author Christy Beam tells the inspiring story of her daughter, Annabel, who suffered from a chronic , debilitating disease and is now cured. What tugs on the reader’s heartstrings isn’t the fact modern medicine has Annabel – faith has.

Annabel is 9. She suffers from pseudo-obstruction motility disorder, making it near impossible to live a normal life. The Beams have adjusted, doing their best to give Annabel the best quality of life she can have. One thing never wavers – their faith.

When a freak accident puts Annabel in danger of severe spinal injuries, the adults in her life wonder how much can a little girl deal with before her spirit begins to lose hope? Will “one more thing” be too much for Annabel and her family to endure?

Beam’s writing styles engages the reader. She’s honest and sincere and a lot of readers can sympathize with the emotional  struggles of being a mother to a child with a disability/disorder. The narration jumps often between events which can be confusing to the reader. Overall, “Miracles From Heaven” is an inspirational story that will resonate with readers.

 Question for you: Have you seen the movie?  I'd love to hear from you! 

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