Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Book Review for: Planetfall by Emma Newman

Book Review for: Planetfall
Written by: Emma Newman
New American Library
ISBN: 978-042528239-7
Avail: in print and as an ebook

4 Stars

Intriguing New World

Newman pens a riveting tale of humanity, imagination, and science fiction with “Planetfall.” Earth is becoming unmanageable.  Lee Suh-Mi has a vision of finding God. She strikes out with a group to find God’s planet in a spaceship called Atlas.

When Suh-Mi and her party arrive at the planet, it’s not what they expect. Mack and Renata are left to deal with the repercussions of “Planetfall.”

Now, 22 years later, a stranger, Sung-Soo, interrupts the tranquil life of the colony which Mack and Renata have built. Will his presence finally reveal God’s message or destroy the community Suh-Mi built?

Newman’s writing is easy to read. The story is told from Renata’s perspective and as the reader dives deeper into the story, they dive deepter into Renata’s character. Initially heroic and sympathetic, Renata reveals cracks that hint at the mental illness Planetfall has done to her. The supporting cast is interesting and each has a part to play. The actual science of the science fiction is easy to understand and doesn’t weigh down the storytelling. The suspense builds slowly at first then snowballs towards the end.

The book earns a solid 4 due to the ending which is a bit disappointing, given the totality of the story. “Planetfall” has a good blend of science fiction and characterization that will keep the reader intrigued and turning the pages to find out what happens next.

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