Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Book Review Tuesday: The Money in You by Julie Stav #bookreview

Book Review for: The Money in You!
Written by: Julie Stav
Harper Collins
ISBN: 0-06-085490-1
Avail in print
4 Stars

Julie Stav talks about life and money in this engaging book about finances. Stav tells it like it is with an easy, conservational voice the reader can understand.

Do you know your spending profile? Stav does – and she’ll help you to understand how you spend money. That’s half the battle. Once you establish what profile you fit, she talks to you about investing, saving for old age, retirement, and how to teach your kids about money.

Stav uses real life scenarios to effectively communicate her messages. Her writing style is easy to understand and engaging. Stav’s explanations bring complicated money matters down to Earth.

This book is good for readers who simply don’t have a good financial background and are looking for a place to start. A great read.

Question for you: Do you have a piece of financial advice that works for you? I'd love for us to share ideas. 

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