Friday, June 26, 2015

Book Review Friday: Wish for the Moon, western romance by Celia Yeary

Book Review: Wish for the Moon
Written by: Celia Yeary
Prairie Rose Publications
ISBN: 978-1507625637
Available as an ebook

5 Stars

Full of romance and adventure!

One never knows the twists and turns life takes, and certainly Max Laundry is on a bumpy ride. After witnessing a murder in a Texas coalmine, he runs away only to discover the McGinnis farm. Will the kindness of strangers give Max the strength he needs to go forward?

Max meets Annie McGinnis, a young, impressionable girl torn between her dreams and her family's hard working, honest-to-the-bone ethic. Annie yearns for something more out of life, but is uncertain which way to go. When Max is accused of murder, Annie and her brother, Clifford, help to defend his innocence. This incident puts events in motion that will define Max and Annie's future paths.

Yeary pens a slow-burn, sweet, western romance full of angst and tenderness. The novel is set in Texas, 1901. Yeary's portrayal of the west is real and honest, depicting the hardships many settlers endured.

Yeary's rich characterization is the best part of the novel. Max isn't perfect. Along with Annie, they both make honest mistakes and "safe" choices, yet it's the promise of the unsafe choice that lingers with them. Dare they forge their futures uncertain of what lies ahead? These are issues modern readers can connect with and take to heart.

This is a sweet romance novel with Max and Annie sharing no more than a kiss or two, yet it's the emotional content that makes their romance feel just right. "Wish for the Moon," is a great heartwarming story. I highly recommend this book.

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