Monday, June 9, 2014

Save the Date: 11 JUN - A Lady Never Lies is available! #steampunk

A Lady Never Lies will be available for purchase on your Kindle and other reading devices on 11 JUN 2014! It's book 3 in The Windsor Diaries, my steampunk romance series.

Jocelyn Dunkirk is not your typical Victorian lady. She dresses in leather, wears goggles, and is not afraid to get a little grease under her fingernails. Gentlemen avoid her like a dirty rivet.
Richard Windsor, the Prince of Wales, travels through time to claim Jocelyn's heart, but if it isn't one challenge, it's another. He determines to be a constant, steady presence in her life, hoping to prove he'd make a worthy husband.
Jocelyn's facing a bucket full of problems. The prime minister wants her to assist in ending a coal strike before it cripples the nation while her father attempts to recover from a serious injury. Will Jocelyn's dedication to her country and family ruin the one chance she has at love?


She swatted her hand next to her head like she was swatting a fly. Love could flitter away from her heart like a hummingbird for all she cared. Who needed it? Love hurt.
A knock rapped on the door, but before she could voice a reply, Richard walked in. He crossed the room, raw concern splayed over his face and he knelt before her. "What's wrong?"
"You look annoyed."
"A lady never cusses," she replied.
His lips tipped in amusement. "What else does a lady never do?"
"They never wear the same dress twice."
He pulled up a chair and sat in front of her. "I believe that."
"And a lady never lies," she said.
He slid his hand over hers and laced their fingers together. A sweet jolt pulsed up her arm and she smiled despite herself.
"So what's bothering you?" he asked.
She sighed and glanced toward the window, her heart at war. To his credit, he remained quiet, waiting for her.
Jocelyn appreciated his patience and his quiet support in this moment. She needed to talk to someone and Richard had always been a good listener. She recalled the previous occasions with him in Lincoln, just talking and it infused her soul with a confidence and hope she hadn't felt in days. She turned to face Richard and drew in a breath.
"My father's lawyer is traveling to Nottingham. He's probably already there. He's supposed to find my cousin, a man I had no idea existed, named Augustus Darling to advise him he's the heir to my father's title and ancestral estates."
"What? How can that be?" Surprise resonated in his voice.

5 Stars, Julie:  This is a fun series. I love the characters from the past being able to experience the future and this wonderful cast of adventurous characters.
4 Stars, Jo: A Lady Never Lies has a great cast of characters. 
GIVEAWAY: Leave a comment about time traveling (any comment) Who is your favorite time traveler?  How do you think people should travel through time? etc... and I'll pick one lucky person to receive a PDF of Book 1, Victorian Scoundrel, in the series. 

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