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99 Cent Easter Romance: A Polish Heart, Character Interview w/Darrin #easterstory

Let's welcome Darrin Riverton from "A Polish Heart" to the blog, today.  Darrin, you're a successful architect, so why did you want to go Poland?

DARRIN: I love designing buildings, but as far as my life was concerned, I felt like I was stuck in a rut and going through the motions. My family and friends didn't want the same things out of life that I did, and I thought getting away might do me some good.

Question: What was the job opportunity presented to you in Poland?

DARRIN: They're building the National Stadium, a 56,000 seat football (soccer) stadium and my job is to review the plans and inspect the facility to ensure its being built to standard.

Question: How does Sofia fit in?

DARRIN: She's the translator the company has assigned me, for which I'm very grateful. I've had no exposure to Poland, it's customs, or their languages.

Question: What about Sofia to do you find attractive?

DARRIN: She's very patient and down-to-Earth. She has to be patient since I need to understand how her company does business, and she doesn't put on airs. She works hard and takes pride in her work. I admire her for that. It takes talent to translate different languages. Not only that, she has very long, curly hair that takes my breath away. She's a breath of fresh air.

Question: Easter is just around the corner. Does Sofia and her family do anything different that appeals to you?

DARRIN: Sofia's Easter is centered around the family. They prep meals and have a Priest bless their basket with the food. The foods they prepare are traditional; bread, ham, eggs, butter, etc. It's a very family orientated holiday. Watching Sofia interact with her family made me realize I want the same things.

Question: Do you have Easter plans?

DARRIN: I had plans, but if Sofia's family will have me, I'd love to stay in Poland.


The train came to his stop. He walked up the stairs and found Sofia waiting for him, her auburn highlights shining in the sunlight. Her face glowed like a rare gem.
"Hi, yourself," she replied. The warmth of her smile echoed in her voice.
Darrin fell in step beside her and pointed to a busy market square filled with retail shops.

"So, why do you want a prepaid phone?" she asked. Her chocolate eyes sparkled up at him.
"Well, I want something local so you don't have to make an international call to reach me."
"I'd like for you to be able to call me, and I thought it would be smart to put the construction company's number in there as well."
"All right. " She paused. "Do you like veal?"
"I do."
"Mama's making breaded veal chops for dinner. She wants me to stop by the local market for a fresh loaf of bread and vegetables. Do you like peppers and corn?"
"Papa also wants me to buy a bottle of his favorite vodka so he can share it with you."
"Interestingly, you have his approval."

5 Stars, "A totally enjoyable read," Tara Manderino, Amazon Reader
5 Stars, "I loved this heart warming tale," Billie Houston, Amazon Reader
4 Stars, "An enjoyable story," Taurian511, Amazon Reader.

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Author Bio: Stephanie Burkhart is a 911 dispatcher for LAPD. She writes romance and children's stories and is published with 4RV Publishing, Victory Tales Press, and Desert Breeze Publishing. She loves chocolate, adores coffee, and never gets enough sleep! 

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