Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Can you find love in the Zodiac?

Can one find love in the stars? I thought I'd draw some inspiration from the zodiac. Let's take a look at the stars and see if it really does influence us.

Our zodiac signs tells us a lot about ourselves, including those we care for/love. You can always find a trace of the zodiac's influence on love. One thing to remember is that our sign tells us of our major traits, and how those influence our love lives. (if you believe. WINK, WINK) —Keep in mind if one sign is more assertive than the other, a calmer sign might provide balance to the assertive sign.

The signs of the zodiac and their romantic traits:

Ares – is a quick-witted, assertive love sign.
Taurus – tend to be calm and controlled in love.
Gemini – are intelligent and witty in love. Don't bore them.

Cancer – exhibit a wide arrange of emotions, but appeal to their sense of home and you've got them in your back pocket.
Leo – make a them the center of attention and you're in.

Virgo – they're composed and don't look for the limelight.
Libras – they're rational in love.
Scorpios – they possess eyes that can pierce your soul.

Capricorn – tend to be shy but respect traditions.
Sagittarius – they're fun loving and optimistic.
Aquarius – they're very friendly.

Pisces – they enjoy going with the flow.

Every zodiac has good and bad traits. What makes a good match is the ability of the signs to balance and compliment each other.

Do you know your sign? Do you know who makes a good zodiac mate for you? Write in and share!

PS - What's the zodiac sign depicted in this post.  Post the answer.  I'll draw a name out of the hat to win a $5.00 Starbucks Gift Card. 


  1. My zodiac is Pisces and my husband is Cancer. I've heard these two signs are soul mates. I must admit, we get alone well, and yes, he is all about the home. I'm not the typical Pisces, however. I don't go with the flow. My symbol is 2 fish swimming in opposite directions. I would be the one swimming upstream, fighting the establishment. LOL.

    Incidentally, I do talk about all the zodiac signs in my contemporary romance, SIGNS OF LOVE. It's the story of a former R&B star who finds himself bankrupt. He has to star in a reality TV series (similar to The Bachelor) where he picks one lucky woman based on her zodiac. It's available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

    Chanta Rand

    1. Chanta, that sounds like a really interesting idea for a book. I'll have to check it out. I'm a Gemini and my husband's a Pisces, and these two signs are not supposed to be compatible, but we get along really well. He has a lot of patience which is a good thing because Gemini's have a lot of energy.