Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Book Review Tuesday - Black Dragon by Vijaya Schartz

Book Review for: Black Dragon
Written by: Vijaya Schartz
Desert Breeze Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-61252-084-1
5 Stars

Schartz shines in this installment of the Borealis series, "Black Dragon." Set in the future, the Borealis is a space station run by Commander Kal Raines. It's a cesspool for criminals run by the TPP. In this environment, Czerno Drake, aka, Black Dragon, must save his Uncle, Shepard Jeremy Markel, from certain death at the hands of the TPP.

Drake soon draws the interest of TPP Lieutenant Zara Frankel. She's attracted to him, but is her attraction strong enough to betray the hive of villainy known as the TPP?

Schartz puts the reader in the thick of the action with Drake's arrival on the Borealis. Her writing is easy to read and her style helps the reader understand the futuristic gadgets of the story without slowing the pace.

Schartz's characters shine. Drake is the daring space hero, bold, brave, and honorable. Zara is spunky, not afraid to make her own decisions and choices.

The novel is sensual for romance readers, capturing several heated moments between Drake and Zara. "Black Dragon" has it all – adventure, excitement, and romance. I highly recommend this book.

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