Friday, February 15, 2013

Book Review Friday - All I Want for Christmas is Big Blue Eyes

All I Want for Christmas is Big Blue Eyes
Written by:
Claire Ashgrove

Available in: ebook & print 

5 Stars 

"All I Want for Christmas is Big Blue Eyes" captures the spirit of the holiday. Ever since Amanda Masterston was a teenager, her heart belonged to Josh McDaniels. Unfortunately, Josh was slammed with the ruin of his parents' marriage and his father's death. He ran away from his past and left Amanda to deal with her heartbreak. Can he mend their relationship when he returns to Lexington to work on an architectural project?

Set against the backdrop of Christmas, Josh is reluctant to return, but once he sees Amanda after an absence of several years, he's ready, yet nervous, to forge a new path for himself. Will the same lingering hurts and obstacles keep them apart?

Ashgrove's writing is easy to read and immediately pulls the reader into Josh and Amanda's world. The plot flows well and the descriptions are so vivid, I could smell the cookies baking in Amanda's stove.

The most rewarding part of the story is the journey Josh and Amanda take. Both have been deeply hurt. Ashgrove is a master in bringing out her character's inner conflict and finding the right balance between that conflict and the healing power of love.  It's poignant, charming, with a fantastic supporting cast. It doesn't have to be Christmas to enjoy the story.

The story contains several love scenes that embody the passionate, intense emotions Josh and Amanda share. The allure of Christmas will draw you in, the angst will have you on the edge of your seat, and the ending promises a heartwarming twist. "All I Want for Christmas is Big Blue Eyes" will have you believing in Christmas miracles. A definite page turner.

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