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War Comes to Gaia in 3 days - A Green Rose Preview

War comes to Gaia in 3 more days. Dare to join the battle?

The Green Rose is a fantasy romance set in the mythical land of Gaia. There are 4 allied nations: N'Gasse, Daháka, Tapin, and Ravenrock. Past Ravenrock, to the east, in a tundra-like land, the savage wyldebeasts are kept at bay a 50,000 myle granite wall that runs the length of Ravenrock.

The evil mage, Balthyser, has betrayed Tapin. Seeking power, he uses the wyldebeasts to attack the allied nations, kidnapping the kings of Tapin and Daháka.

The rulers of the allied nations must seek the Green Rose and harness it's magic in order to defeat Balthyser.

Tapin is the land of Falcons. Sonia the crown princess, is a young woman of age more skilled with a sword than magic. She was told by the mage, Balthyser, that magic was weak in her. Her parents are King Julian and Queen Astoria. Sonia is bonded to her falcon, Hiro, and she can mind speak to him.

As the novel opens, the reader finds Sonia in a heated battle against 3 wyldebeasts defending Tapin's tents on Komodo Field. Sonia's strengths are her determination and tenacity, but when she meets the fearless Ivánstan of Daháka, dare she allow herself to trust him?

BLURB: Sonia and Ivánstan embark on a quest for the green rose in order to save Gaia from Balthyser's evil threat.


Sonia slid her tunic over her head and looked in the mirror. "It smells fresh."

"Lord Fernwood's servants were up most of the night cleaning our garments." Lucia handed Sonia her leather belt.

Sonia secured the belt around her waist. "His servants are very efficient."

Electra ran a rag over Sonia's sword, ensuring it was clean, and presented it to her. Sonia sheathed the blade of Deliban steel into her scabbard. Only a Taveran blade was stronger. Sonia carried Broadwing with pride.

"Prince Hendrik is doing much better. I saw a servant bringing him breakfast," said Lucia.

"That's good to hear."

"What can we do to help you?" asked Electra.

Sonia paused, running a hand through her thick hair. "Gaia is in danger from the wyldebeasts and Balthyser. I am going with Prince Ivanstan to find the green rose

"The green rose?"

"A highly magical flower. It was used to defeat a similar threat hundreds of years ago. Electra, stay here with Queen Rowan. She's assembling an army to march to Vesper's Keep and the Eastern Wall. I want you to represent our soldiers."


"Lucia, accompany Ivanstan's mage, Cason, to Ravenrock's capital, Tavere. He will need help with his mission. Take Snare with you."

Lucia nodded.

"Who will protect you?" asked Electra.

Sonia nipped at her lower lip with her teeth. "The Prince."

Electra raised an eyebrow.

Sonia straightened her shoulders. "Prince Ivanstan and I will defend ourselves. Don't forget we are bonded." She paused as heat rushed to her cheeks. Electra raised her eyebrow again. "Ah, to our animals," added Sonia.

"Well, the prince..." began Lucia, but her voice faded away.

"The prince, what?" prompted Sonia.

"The prince is a skilled swordsman," finished Lucia.

"That sounds like a diplomatic response."

"Perhaps she means to say the prince appears to harbor a genuine concern for you and neither of us wants to see you disappointed in a man again," chimed in Electra.

"Then rest assured I have come to the conclusion that Ivanstan is not Gabriel."

Electra stood and placed her hand on Sonia's shoulder. "Be careful."


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  1. Very pretty cover. I love falcons. Falcons and magic, what a combo. Then add in love. Great recipe for success!

    1. I agree - Falcons and Magic make a great combo. Thanks for popping in!

  2. Steph, you are amazing. Here another lovely story so soon after the others.

  3. Thanks to your generosity, I have the Green Rose and I am very eager to read it. You certainly are a prolific writer, Steph. Congratulations on your new release.

  4. What a beautiful cover! Your book sounds wonderful too! :) Great excerpt! Its very hooking. I want to read more. :) Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!

  5. Mona, let me tell you, I'm pooped. LOL!!
    Sarah, I hope you enjoy it.

    Big congrats to Shadow - winner of the PDF ARC. Thanks for everyone to popping in.