Friday, December 16, 2016

Book Review: The Fever Code by James Dashner #bookreview #mazerunner

Book Review for: The Fever Code
Book 5 in the Maze Runner Series
Written by: James Dashner
Published by: Delacorte Press/Penguin Random House
ISBN: 978-0-553-51311-0

I read: the ebook

5 Stars

Dashner pens an edge of your seat thriller in the 5th installment of "The Maze Runner" series with "The Fever Code." Teresa and Thomas are tapped by WICKED to help build the maze, look for variables in killzone patterns, and are groomed by Chancellor Ava Paige to carry out WICKED's objectives.  But, is WICKED truly good?

The novel starts with Teresa and Thomas, young immunes taken in by WICKED. They are studied and challenged by the organization. WICKED desperately wants to find a cure for the Flare and believes the immunes they collected (aka invited) to the WICKED facilities in Alaska are the key. Perhaps the one variable they don’t count on is the growing sense of independence of thought Thomas struggles with.

Soon Thomas and Teresa make friends with other immunes at the complex. As the cure alludes WICKED, they resort to more extreme measures with the belief the cure is close. Is the cure truly close or is WICKED grasping at straws?

This installment of the series helps to explain motivations for Teresa, Thomas, and WICKED. Dashner's writing style is easy to read. His short sentences and concise word choices help to increase the suspense and heighten the anticipation of the events to come.

"The Fever Code" is dystopian fiction and geared for a young adult audience. The main characters are endearing. Thomas, Teresa, Chuck, and Newt will tug on the reader's heartstrings. Paige embodies WICKED's values and yet there are moments of humanity in her actions which makes the readers question her choices.

Overall, "The Fever Code" is a gripping tale of a desperate future and can be read as a stand alone in the series.  This is a must for fans of the Maze Runner series.  I couldn't put it down!

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