Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Book Review for: Forever Liesl #bookreview #soundofmusic

 Forever Liesel Review

Written by: Charmian Carr with Jean A.S. Strauss
eISBN: 978-0-140-29840-6
Published by: Penguin Books

3.5 Stars

Reviewer’s Note: I discovered the Sound of Music in 1987. I was 21 and stationed in Germany at the time.  (I was active duty, US Army.) The movie really struck a chord in me. It embodied love, hope, and me believe anything was possible with faith. I visited Salzburg on leave and fell in love with the city. It still looked as it did during filming.

I loved the character of Liesel. Charmian hit all the right notes with her character.  Hope. Disappointment. A willingness to learn. 16 going on 17 was my favorite song.

When I heard Charmian Carr passed away on 17 September 2016, due to complications from a rare form of dementia, a part of me realized how important her character had become to the fabric of my outlook on life. I went searching on Amazon to see if there were any books I could about Charmian and her career. What a treat that I found “Forever Liesel.” Her prologue to the book sums up what I feel when it comes to the movie and how “Liesel” made a deep impression on those who watched the movie.

Charmian Carr shares her life experiences filming the “Sound of Music” and how those experience impacted her life with “Forever Liesel.” Charmian comes from a complicated home, but possesses a natural talent to entertain. This talent brings her to the attention of Saul Chaplin, a producer for the “Sound of the Music.” After several auditions, Charmian is hired.

Her story is like a fairytale for many readers. Carr shares the highs and lows of being recognized as “Liesel” throughout her life, along with intimate tidbits that occurred while filming the movie.

Written in a charming voice and an intimate style which is easy to read, one can hear Carr’s voice in their head as they  turn the pages.  If you’re a fan of the movie, you will enjoy Carr’s story which is “Forever Liesel.” 

Question for you:  Who was your favorite character in "The Sound of Music?" 

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