Tuesday, September 15, 2015

NEW RELEASE: A Princess is Always Right, character interview w/Sophia Windsor


Jack: I'm Jack Brandon and I am a reporter for some of the scandalous magazines in the world.  I also reported for several reputable magazines, but that's not what made me famous, trust me.  Today, I cornered Sophia, Princess of York, in one of the local fancy shops she liked to frequent.  Her father is James, the Duke of York. Sophia's just graduated from finishing school.  So, Sophia, what are you going to do with the rest of your life?

Brandon Routh, Inspiration for Jack Brandon
Sophia: Gosh,  hat a fantastic opening, Jack. I have no idea what I'm going to do with the rest of my life. I just got out of finishing school.

Jack: All right, then, what are you doing today?
Julianne Hough, inspiration for Sophia
Sophia: I'm going to meet my sister, Alice, and help her plan her wedding.

Jack: Very interesting. You know, I tried poking around her fiancé's background, but I can't find much. It's like he never existed.

Sophia: Grayson is an outstanding guy and he has a lot of integrity – unlike some reporters I know.

Jack: Hey, I have integrity. I never lie.  In fact, I heard that Professor Byron has developed a working time machine.

Sophia: Well, I can officially confirm he did, but it's a work in a progress.

Jack: Have you used it?

Sophia: Me? Well, I can't tell you that. That's a state secret!

Jack: I suspect your sister has used it. I bet you've conned the Professor into using it, too.

Sophia. My lips are zipped.

Jack: So how do I get a look at the time machine?
Time Machine
Sophia: Not through me. I maybe young, but I'm not falling for your flattery.

Jack: I rarely resort to flattery. I've been told I'm more direct.

Sophia: Annoyingly, so.

Jack: Now, I've heard you've been seen on a couple of dates with a mystery man.

Sophia: Oh.

Jack:  Yes, you and him along with your sister and her fiancé were spotted at several London coffee shops here lately. I hear he never pays the bill, though. Sounds like a cheapskate.

Sophia: Jax is no cheapskate.

Jack: So his name is Jax?

Sophia: Yes, Jax Ruston.
Mark Sanchez,
inspiration for Jax Ruston
Jack: What does he do for a living?

Sophia: He's, ah…I suppose you could call him a bit of an engineer.

Jack: How did you meet an engineer?

Sophia: Cambridge.


Jack. Excuse me.  (I paused and answered my cell phone.  Sophia gave me some stink eye, but I had to take the call it was from my editor.  Turning around I walked away and answered his questions. When I glanced over my shoulder Sophia was gone.)

Jack: How do those Windsors disappear like that? 


Sophia may be the youngest Windsor, but she knows her mind. A Princess of York, she's committed to do her duty – prevent Jonas Byron from finding Nikola Tesla and decimating the time line.

Jax Ruston is a rugged metalsmith with curly hair and dimples to die for. A resident of 1855, he's pledged to help Sophia find Jonas. Together, they journey across continental Europe in pursuit of Jonas.      

Despite her duty, Sophia's attracted to handsome Jax. However, he's committed to living in 1855. Can Sophia keep her focus on her mission, or will desire interfere with her task? Only one thing is certain: a princess is always right.


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  1. The Princess and Jax look like they belong together! Your imagination really ran wild with this story. I don't know how you thought it up! Great idea.

  2. Congrats on your new release. Sounds like a winner. Just keep that newshound off the trail!

  3. The interview has my interest piqued and my time wanderlust ignited. Congratulations and best of luck with The Princess Is Always Right.

  4. Thanks to everyone for stopping by. The Princess and Jax have a lot of adventures ahead of them!