Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Winter in Yosemite - DEC 2014 #yosemite #nps

We don't see much snow in California, especially in Southern California. If you want to play in the snow, you have to go to it. So the boys and I packed up our snow clothes, threw the chains in the 4Runner and headed off to Yosemite. It took 4 ½ hours.
Wawona Hotel

 We got a room at the Wawona Hotel in the southern part of the park. The hotel was first built in 1876 in Victorian style. We stayed in the "index" built in 1918. Our room was small with a closet, double bed, twin bed, and they gave us a roll up bed. We had a small sink and mirror. Our restroom was outside in the hall. The showers were on the other side of the building. We ate dinner in the hotel's dining room. The hotel was decorated in lights, red bows, and had a tricked out gingerbread house. They had a cool yule log and a colorful Christmas tree.

The Wawona Christmas tree

The next day, after breakfast in the dining room, we donned our winter coats and went up to Badger Pass hoping to do some snow tubing, but it was closed so we made snowballs instead.

Making snowballs in Badge Pass

Next we trolled the valley floor. The Yosemite Falls were gushing. We had a picnic lunch at a site near the Awanhnee Hotel. The Awanhnee Hotel was decked out. They had at least three trees, one in the lobby, one near the he fireplace, and one in the winter room. They also had a sleigh near the entrance.

Joe in the Awanhnee sleigh

The fireplace at the Awanhnee

The Awanhnee lobby Christmas tree

Our next adventure was at the Curry Village ice rink. I got my "skating' legs back pretty easily. It was Joe's first time and he picked it up quickly. Then we went back to our hotel for a good night's sleep. The following day we hopped in the car and went home. Right now it's 46 degrees in Castaic and the weatherman says the snow level is dropping to 2000 feet. Time will tell if we get snow.  Heck, SoCal is due for a little snow.

On the ice rink 
Skating with the boys


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  1. Looked like a wonderful trip. It looks like the snow is coming to the southwest...I'm hoping it skips us!

  2. As someone who has spent many, many winter weekends in Yosemite Valley, your pictures brought back fond memories of good times.