Friday, May 20, 2011

Welcome guest author - Barbara Hodges

I love lighthouses. I’ve viewed many on the western coast and am lucky enough to have a few near my home on the central coast of California.

During the Christmas season of 2010 my husband Jeff, my mom Jean and I visited the Port San Luis lighthouse above Avila Beach.

Until this year you either hiked out to the lighthouse or made arrangements with the lighthouse historians to take a tour. You piled into a van and after a slow ride up the road, which allows for fantastic views, you are there. Now, they’ve added a very cool trolley to take you there. The trolley car suits the mood so much better.

The Port San Luis Lighthouse was built in 1890. Here is an early photo.

One of the coolest things about its history is the train that used to run on the pier.

The December afternoon we visited was a beautiful, sunny day. The docents and their volunteers were dressed in 1880’s fashion and serenaded us with classic Christmas songs.

Here is a photo of how the lighthouse looks today.

This is a photo of my husband Jeff and my mom, Jean. Look at the beautiful view behind them.

If you get a chance to visit this area, take a day and visit the lighthouse. It’s like going back in time. The docents love to tell you about its history. It’s remarkable to walk through the lighthouse keeper’s early home, see the size of the bedrooms, the way the beds were constructed, and marvel at the lack of appliances in the kitchen.

When you visit the lighthouse save some time to explore Avila Beach. At the end of the pier is Olde Port Inn. A wonderful place to eat, and if you’d prefer to cook your own fish, then Olde Port Fisherie is a great spot to buy your fish.

On the way to the end of the pier you’ll be serenaded by seals and gulls. There’s usually a few pelican’s hanging around too.

I hope someday to visit some lighthouses on the east coast and see how they compare. Until then, I’ll just enjoy the ones close by.

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  1. Barbara thanks so much for sharing, Sweetie. I'd love to spend a day just hanging out at Avila Beach.