Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Christmas in July: 99 cents romance: Mr. Christmas Elf #ChristmasinJuly

Enjoy a little Christmas in July with Mr. Christmas Elf! Only 99 cents. 

Jules' Christmas list is looking pretty pathetic. She needs a new muffler for her car and a hundred dollars for her root canal. Her niece is asking for an iPad, but all Jules can afford is a Barbie doll. The peppermint on the top? Her boyfriend dumps her in a text message. 

Jules could use a little Christmas magic, so when Elvis pops up claiming that he was sent by Santa to fill her Christmas list, all she has to do is believe – in the magic the season has to offer.

"So you're the one with the depressing Christmas list."
"Hey, I can't believe you're insulting me and we just met."
He held his hands palms up. They were nice hands with smooth palms and lean fingers.
"No insult intended, but usually people don't ask for mufflers and scratchers. Can I walk you in?"
"Sure." It was easy to forgive him, especially with that irresistible dimple. I adjusted my purse on my shoulder and proceeded toward the door. Elvis kept his hand in the small of my back, helping to steady my shaky legs. Comforting warmth spread up my back. My muscles relaxed. I liked everything about Elvis. He was tall and lean, with a kind smile, full lips, and amazing white teeth.
Joe stood guarding the door, one eye fixed on his watch, one eye on me. He scowled and twisted the lock to let me in.
Elvis opened the door for me. What a treat! When Vince opened the door, he usually walked in first. I paused and turned around in the doorway, gazing into Elvis' cool, expressive eyes. "Can I buy you a coffee?"
"Absolutely not. A gentleman never lets a lady pay for him."
Joe glared at me. I pointed toward the employee area. "Ah, thank you for catching me back there. I have to sign in now."
"You're welcome."
I rushed off, hung up my purse and put on my 'Cup o' Joe' elf hat before joining Renee at the register.
Renee leaned over and whispered. "Who's the cutie?"
"Elvis." I grinned. I'm sure it was one of those "he's-absolutely-gorgeous" grins that leave you speechless.
"He's a doll."






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