Sunday, October 2, 2011

Welcome Jenna McClure & The Georgia Bulldogs to the Football Blog Tour Stop!

I'd like to welcome author Jeanna McClure to the Football Tour Blog Stop today. Take it away, Jeanna!

STEPH: Who's your favorite football team? How long have you been a fan?

JENNA: My favorite team is the University of Georgia Bulldogs. I've been a fan since I attended college there, oh, some years ago.

STEPH: Who's your favorite player "playing" right now? Why?

JENNA: My favorite player is Knowshon Moreno. He is a Georgia Bulldog, but he plays for the Denver Broncos. He is an explosive and dynamic player who turns good plays into great ones. He is so fun and amazing to watch. (I've attached a picture of him in action from his UGA days.)

STEPH: Who's your favorite all time football player?

JENNA: I'd have to say Hines Ward, another former Bulldog playing in the NFL. He is a genuinely nice guy and one of the best receivers to ever play the game. He always has a smile on his face, so it seems he really loves playing football for the sheer fun of it.

STEPH: Who's the Bulldog's "evil" nemsis?

JENNA: Ah, this has to be the Florida Gators. Really, any team that wears orange, but especially Florida.

STEPH: Ever been to a football game? What's it like?

JENNA: I went to most of the games as a student, and some in my post-collegiate life. The latest one was last fall up in Boulder when we unfortunately lost to CU. The Redcoat Band and the cheerleaders all stopped by our tail-gating party to share in the UGA game-day fun, and remind us of what it used to be like as a student. College games are very high energy, fun and a blast from the past. Of course, they are so much more fun when we win!

STEPH: Do you own a jersey?

JENNA: My dog wears a UGA collar, I have a Hines Ward Steeler's jersey, and about 20 UGA shirts, several hats and jewelry, but no jersey. I'll have to remedy that this year!

STEPH: What's your favorite food to eat during the game?

JENNA: Cheese fries with ranch dipping sauce, hands down. I used to chase that with some serious Diet Coke, but now it's either tea or beer.

Jeanna's book is Animal Attraction. Here is the blurb:

Environmental consultant Emmalyn Ashmore is outraged when she discovers the last minute replacement for the guest speaker at her annual conference is none other than Adam McLean, a cattle rancher, whose lifestyle represents everything she stands against.

Adam McLean has never met a more contrary woman. From the moment Emmalyn opens her mouth, he knows she's exactly the type of woman he doesn't need in his life—ever.

As the sparks fly, Emma realizes there's more at stake than conserving the environment. She has to figure out how to conserve her heart, before she loses it forever.

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  1. I wish your Georgia Bulldogs good luck... And your book sounds wonderful.. I will put it on my tbr list..

  2. Hi Kathleen,
    Thanks for the compliment and well wishes!

  3. Jenna,
    I was working like a beast this weekend! Forgive me for not popping in sooner, but I loved your post and pictures! I'm not much for college football but call me a Bulldogs fan now!